Name---:Gholam Reza
Family--:Azad (Armaki)
Status--: Proffesor of Economics
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BSc : Commercial Iinsurance from Tehran College of Insurance, Iran (1975)
  BSc : Civil Engineering from Detroit Institute of Technology, USA (1981)
MSc : Economics from American University, USA (1977)
PhD :

Economics from Howard University, USA (1987)

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Translated Works from English into Persian (Farsi):

1.Economic Theories of Development: An Analysis of Competing Paradignms.Hunt, Diana. 1992. (nashr ney) 1376

2. Frontiers of Development Economics: The Future in Perspective. Edited by Gerald M. Meier and Joseph E. Stiglitz. 2000 (nashr ney) 1382

3. Leading Issues in Economic Development
by Gerald M. Meier (Editor) 1995 (nashr ney) 1378

4.From Classical Economics to Development Economics
by Gerald M. Meier  1994 (nashr mitra) 1375

5. Economics of Development
by Malcolm Gillis, Dwight H. Perkins, Michael Roemer, Donald R. Snodgrass

1992 (nashr ney) 1379

6.Paradigms in Economic Development: Classic Perspectives, Critiques, and Reflections
by Rajani Kanth (Editor) 1994 (by nashr didar) 1374

7.Structure and Change in Economic History
by C. North Douglass (by nashr ney) 1379

8. Women's Education in Developing Countries: Barriers, Benefits, and Policies
by Elizabeth, M. King (by nashr roshangaran va zanan) 1376

9.Keynes' Economics: Methodological Issues
by Tony Lawson, M. Hashem XXX Pesaran 1989 (by nashr didar) 1376

10. Development Economics: From the Poverty to the Wealth of Nations
by Yujiro Hayami (by nashr ney) 1380

11. Agricultural Development in the Third World (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development)
by Carl K. Eicher (Editor), John M. Staatz (Editor) 2nd edition. also by Dr. Ahmad Yazdan panah (published by the institute for trade studies and reseach) 1377

12. The Economics of Sustainable Development
by Ian Goldin (Editor), L. Alan Winters (Editor). Also by Dr. R. Eftekhari (published by the institute for trade studies and reseach) 1379

13.  Debt, Adjustment and Poverty in Developing Countries: National and International Dimensions of Debt and Adjustment in Developing Countries
by David Woodward   (published by the institute for trade studies and reseach). Also by Mr. Mahmoodian. 1375

14. Strategic Trade Policy and the New International Economics
by Paul Krugman  (published by the institute for trade studies and reseach). Also by Dr. Hamidreza Shoraka and others 1378

15. World Development Report 1997: The State in a Changing World : English Version (World Development Report)
by The World Bank  (published by the institute for trade studies and reseach). Also by Dr. Hamidreza Shoraka and others 1378

16. The Open Economy (EDI Series in Economic Development)
by Dornbusch, F. Leslie Helmers (Editor), Rudiger Dorbusch (Editor)

(nashr kavir). Also by A. Shahmoradi. 1374

17.Nafta As a Model of Development: The Benefits and Costs of Merging High and Low Wage Areas
by Richards S. Belous, Jonathan Lemco (Editor). (nasr harf aval) by. Muhammadian.

18. Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries (Ohlin Lectures)
by Richard N. Cooper (by harf aval). 1373.

19.China in the World Economy
by Nicholas R. Lardy (by nashr kavir) 1374 Also. By N. Noori

20. The Methodology of Economics : Or, How Economists Explain (Cambridge Surveys of Economic Literature)
by Mark Blaug (nashr ney) 1380

21. Economic Growth in the Third World: An Introduction (A Publication of the Economic Growth Center, Yale University)
by Lloyd G. Reynolds (nashr mytra) 1374.


Authored books in Persian (Farsi)


1. The Stability and Dynamics of a Growth Model for an Open Economy. (nashr harf aval) 1373.

Top of page Teaching Experience

1. Howard University (Department of Economic)

            Principles of Macroeconomics

            Principles of Microeconomics

2. Tehran University (Department of Economics)

            Principles of Insurance

3. Imam Sadeq University (Department of Economics)

            Economic Development

            Economics of Iran

4. Allameh Tabatabai University (Department of Economics)

           Economic Development

5. Azad University

           Economic Development


           Public Finance

6. Alzahra University (Department of Economics)

           Economic Development

           Economic Planning

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The Institute of Trade Studies and Research (worked on several projects)

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