Name---: Kianoosh
Family--: Dini
Status---: Assistant Prof.
Tel--------:+98-21- 8044051-9
Honors and Award
Research Interests
BSc : Physics,1975, Shahid Beheshti university
MSc : Solid State Physics, 1978, Sheffield university, England
PhD :  Solid State Physics, 1983, Sheffield university, England
Post doctoral : Dalhousie university , Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada Aug. 1983- April 1986

1. A comparison of structural measurements on Fe-B metallic glasses,
K. Dini, N.Cowlam, H.A. Davies.J phys.
F : Met. phys. 12(1982)
2. Crystallisation of as-quenched and hydrogenated amorphous Cu100-x    Tix alloys.
 R.A. Dunlap, K.Dini. J phys. 
F : Met. phys. 14(1984) 2797
3.Effects of Al on the Crystallisation and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe-B-Si alloys.
K. Dini, R.A. Dunlap, G. Stroink.J phys.
 F : Met. phys. 14 (1984) -2009
4. Hydrogen absorption and crystallisation in morphous Cu90 Zr10 ,
R.A.Dunlap, K. Dini,P.Hargraves,phys.stat. sol. 
(a)85(1984) kl01.
5.Hydrogen absorption in Cu Ti metallic glasses I: X-ray diffvaction measurements
, B. Gvezeta , K. Dini , N. Cowl am, H. A. Davies! J. phys. 
F : Met. phys. 15 (1985) -2069.
6. Crystallisation and hydrogen absorption in amorphous Cu60 Zr60 ,
and Cu50 Zr50 , R.A. Dunlap, K.Dini. J phys. 
F : Met. phys. 15(1985) 273.
7.Hyperfine field distributions and crystallisation processes in amorphous Fe78 Cr2  B12 Si powder prepared by the comminution of melt -spun ribbons,
 R.A. Dunlap, K.Dini. J phys. 
F : Met. phys. 15(1985) 2289.
8. Crystallisation processes in amorphous Fe80-x Crx  B12 Si8 alloys (0<x<25) ,
R.A. Dunlap, J. E. Ball, K.Dini. J of Mater ; science lett. 4
(1985) 773.
9. Formation, Structure and crystallisaion of metastable quasi -crystalline Al -transition metal alloys prepared by rapid solidification, 
R.A. Dunlap, K.Dini. J phys. 
F: Met. phys. 63(1985)1267.
10. A comparison of structural relaxation in Ni64 B36  and Fe83 B17 metallic glasses,
B. Gvezeta, K. Dini, N. Cowlam, H. A. Davies
J phys. F : Met. phys. 64(1986) 658
11. Amorphization of rapidly quenched quasi-crystalline Al - transition metal alloys by the addition of Si,
 R.A. Dunlap, K.Dini. j. phys. 
F : Met. phys. 3 (1986) 1.
12. On the derivation of pair potentials from structural data for metallic glasses,
 B. Gvezeta, K. Dini, N. Cowlam, H. A. Davies.
phys. chern. liq. 15(1986) 253.
13.Permanent magnetic properties ofCu -Mn -Al alloys, 
R.A.Dunlap, G. Stroink, K.Dini. J phys. 
F : Met. phys. 16(1986) 1083.
14. Stability and electical transport properties of amarphous Ni33 Ti67-x Vx alloys,
Z.M. Stadnik, G. Stroink, K. Dini, R. A. Dunlap.J. phys.
 F : Met. phys. 17(1987) 1403.

Honors and Award  
Research Interests 
  Structural studies of metallic glasses using X-ray and neutron
diffraction techniques; Magnetic, resistivity and Mossbauer effect
measurments on metallic glasses.

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