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Academic Experiences
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Selected Publication
The names of students graduated as M.S.Degree:  
Research Interests
BSc : in Chemistry Pars College, Tehran, Iran, 1974
MSc : Michigan State University, In Inorganic Chemistry
PhD : Michigan State University, In Inorganic Chemistry E.Lansing. MI , USA, 1981.
Academic Experiences  

Research Expert: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1974.

Research Expert: Open University (Payam Noor University at present)

Tehran, Iran, 1975.

Graduate student: Michigan State University E-Lansing, MI, USA, 1975-1981 (For PhD)

Assistant professor: Azzahra University (1982-1992)

Associate professor: Azzahra University since 1992

Professor: Azzahra University since 2001

 Lectures given on                                                  

General chemistry I and II                                            B.S

Inorganic Chemistry I and II                                         B.S

Organometallic Chemistry                                             B.S

Application of Group Theory                                        B.S

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                             M.S

Physical Inorganic Chemistry                                                M.S

Kinetic and Thermodynamic of Inorganic Reactions            M.S

Photochemistry of Inorganic Compounds                              PhD

Homogeneous and heterogeneous Catalysis                          PhD


Selected Publication   

1. F.Farzaneh and T.J.pinnavaia, "Metal Complex Catalysts Interlayered in Smectite Caly, Hydroformylation of 1-Hexene with Rh complexes lon Exchange into Hectorite”,Inrog. Chem 22, 2216, (1983).  

2. F.Farzaneh, M.Hashem Dabbaghian, "The extraction of aluminum from unsuitable boxite”, Scientific Information, 2, No.5 (1985).  

3. F.Farzaneh, M.Khatamian Oskooie,"Surface adsorption and investigation of decolorization of zeolites P and HS”, Chimia 2,No.1,2,1987.  

4. F.Farzaneh, M.Khatamian. Oskooie and M.M Akbarnejad, The Synthesis of Zeolites A, X and Hs from Natural Iranin Kaolinite and the study of the Transformation of Zeolites X to Hs and Zeolites Y to P by XRD and SEM, J. Sci., I.R., Iran,1,1,1, (1989).  

5. M. M. Akbarnejad, F.Farzneh, M.Khatamian Oskooie, "Zeolite-Lanthanu, Catalysts. Preparation and Cracking Activities”, Iran J.Chem. And Chem. Eng., 10, 2 (1991).

6. F.Farzaneh, K.Seraji-Bozorgzad, J.of Science of Azzahra University, No.5-6, 1992.

7. F.Farzaneh, M.Lashanizadegan and M.Gannadi, "Synthesis and Characterization of Mono and Bis Hexamethyleneteraamine Iron (III) Chloride in Nonaqueous Solvent (CHCL3)." J.Sci.I.R., Iran, 4, 3, 106 (1993).

8. F.Farzaneh, M.Lashanizadegan, A.Akbarzadeh, F.Namazian, J. of science of Azzahra University. No.1-4, 1994.

9. F.Farzaneh, F.Nikkhoo, "synthesis a special Type pf Zeolite from Analcim Family with Triethanolamine and Characterization of it with XRD, FTIR and SEM”, J.Sci, Ir. 6, 3, 155 (1995).

10. F.Farzaneh, J.Soleimannejad, M.Ghandi "The effect of some transition Metal lons exchanged with zeolites on Benzaldehyde, Benzophenone and Cyclohexanonephenyl hydrazones”, J.Mol Catal. A:Chemical, 118,223 (1997).

11. R.Sadeghpoor, M.Ghandi, H.Mahmoudi Najafi and F.Farzaneh, "The oxa-di-π Methane Rearrangement of β, γ Unsaturated Ketones Induced by the external heavy atom cation effect within a zeolite”, Chem., Commn., 329 (1998).

12. F.Farzaneh, S.Sadeghi, L.Turkian. M.Ghandi "The Oxidation of alkenes in the presence of Some Transition Metal Elements Exchanged with Zeolites”.  J.Mol. Catal, A: Chemical, 132, (2-3), 255 (1998).

13. F.Farzaneh, M.Zendehdel, M.M Pour Amini, The role of Amines as Templates in Direction the structure of Zeolites, J.Sa I.R. 10, 3,102, (1999).

14. F.Farzaneh, M.Majidian, M.Ghandi, The oxyfunctionalization of Cyclohexane Catalyzed by Mn (II) Complexes Included in Zeolite y, in J. Mol. Catal. A: chemical 148,227, (1999).

15.  H.Mahmoudi Najafi, M.Ghandi, F.Farzaneh, "Simple route to stereoselective Diels-Aldet reactions Using Zeolite Y”, Chemistry Letters, 358, 2000.

16. M.Salavati-Niasary, F.Farzaneh, M.Ghandi,  L.Turkian, "Oxidation of cyclohexene with TBHP catalyzed by Manganese (II) complexes included in Zeolite Y”, J.Mol.Catal, A.157, 183, 2000.

17. F.Farzaneh, Z.Shivapour, N.Khosravi Talebi, J.Sayyed Mashhoor, "Study on sorption of some toxic and heavy ions in dilute solutions by clinoptilolite”, J.Sci.Iran (in press), 2001.

18. M.Salavati-Niassary, F.Farzaneh, M.Ghandi, "Selective hydroxylation of cylic ethers with tert-butyl hydroproxide and hydrogen proxide catalyzed by iron (II) and manganese (II) bipyridine complexes included in zeolite Y and bentonite", J.Mol.Cat. 175, 105, 2001.

The names of students graduated as M.S.Degree:

1-     M.Khatamian Oskooie

2-     S.Sadeghi

3-     M.Zendehdel

4-      J.Solieman nejad

5-     M.Majidian

6-     L.Turkian

7-     A.Madrakian

8-     A.Sadeghpoor

9-     N.Nekoofall

10- Farahani  

Current students

1-     M.Salavati Niasar (Ph.D)

2-     M.Alizadeh

3-     J.Attar

4-     M.Amini

5-     Z.Derikyomd

6-     E.Zamani

7-     N.Kazemi

Research Interests

Catalytic oxidation is a major route for the industrial synthesis of functionalized hydrocarbons. Oxidation is also one of the most important reactions for the metabolism of biotic substrates and many enzymes are known to catalyze various types of oxidation. A similar approach on the replacement of protein portion of natural enzymes by a zeolite framework is one of our research subjects. Another area of our research is based on synthesis of different type of zeolites and trying to incorporate transition metal such as Vanadium and Molybdenum in their framework in order to use them for the oxidation reactions.

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