Reza Smizadeh




Date of Birth............4th December 1967

Place of Birth...........Arak, Iran

Office Address.........Department of Chemistry Alzahra University,Vanak,Tehran- Iran




1996-date                                            Assistant Professor


B.Sc                                                     Arak University, Iran

                                                            Major: Chemistry (1990)

M.Sc                                                    Shiraz University, Iran

                                                            Major: Physical Chemistry (1994)

Ph.D                                                    Shiraz University, Iran

                                                            Major: Physical Chemistry (1997)


Iranian Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Society (since 1999).



Teaching, Department of Chemistry, School of Sciences, Azad University of Arak, Iran 1994-1995.

Teaching and Research, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Alzahra University , Tehran, Iran 1997 till now.


Undergraduate Courses: general Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy.

Graduate: Advanced Physical Chemistry, Statistical Thermodynamic, Kinetic Chemistry


The names of students graduated as M.S. Degree: 

1.      Parvaneh Maleki

2.      Sohila Ghaderi

3.      Frahnaz Yaghoobi

4.      Maleknaz Mirdamadi

5.      Saedeh Tafreshi

6.      Masoome Keshavarz

7.      Mitra Takrousta

8.      Fariba Forooghian

9.      Parisa Pourhossein

10.    Maryam Zamani

11.    Kokab Keshvari




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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, J.M. Seddon and J. D. Gale

translated from English to Persian by Fariba S. Hashemi and Parisa Pourhossain

Copyright ©2008 , Alzahra University