Name---: Seyedeh    Zahra
Family--: Shoor shinie
Status--: instructor
Tel-------:+98-21- 8044051-9
Honors and Award
Research Interests
BSc : Physics , Azzahra University
MSc : Physics , Azzahra University
PhD :

1. Removal neutron cross section has determined for elements such as C, Al,Fe,Cu and Pb by fast neutron time of flight spectrometer. 
 Shoorshinie Zahra, Annual physics conference of Iran , Azzahra university , 31 Aug - 3 Sept 1992

2. Anisotropy and polarization of longitudinal modes of He-Ne laser
 Shoorshinie Z. , H. R. Shirvani Mahdavi, Amirkabir journal of science and technology , vol.11 , No. 42, fall 1999-winter 2000

BOOK  :  Definitions and formulate in physics

Honors and Award   
Research Interests  

Atomic physics includes of optics and laser and nuclear physics


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