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Honors and Award
BA : In  Economics from Tehran University , 1976  IRAN
MA : In  Economics from Indiana University , 1979  U.S.A
PhD : In  Economics from Indiana University , 1983  U.S.A

Published Books:

1-The Centrally Planned Economics,
ed.Azzahra  Press; Tehran , Iran, 1988

2-Linear Programming, Trans. The Banking Institute of Iran,
Tehran, Iran 1995. 

3-An Introduction to Development Economics, (Translated),
 Azzahra University Press, 2000, Tehran, Iran

5-The Planning Economics, S.A.M.T Press, 2001, Tehran, Iran

 6-External Debts and Macroeconomics Policies in LDC ’s , Azzahra University Press, 2000, Tehran, Iran 

7-Family Economics, Azzahra University Press, 2000, Tehran, Iran

8-Family Economics.Azzahra University Press. 2000. Tehran. Iran

Selected Published Articles:

 1-The Retrospective Look  at Bergson,s a New Growth Model. ACES. Bulletin, Arizona State University , Tempe , Arizona U.S.A. 1989.

 2-The World Trade of Primary Products
The Scientific and Research Journal of Azzahra University, Tehran - Iran

 3-A Method for Evaluating the  Appropriatate Technology, The Case of Transfer of  Technology  from US to Egypt  and India
The  Scientific and Research Journal  of Azzahra University, 2000, Tehran, Iran

 4-The Export Instability Index for Iran,Oil VS Non-Oil Products, The Scientific and Research Journal  of Azzahra University, 1991, Tehran, Iran

 5-The Instability  Trend of Exchange Rate in the Informal Market of Iran, (Monetary and Exchange Policy), 
 exchange rate The Central Bank of IRAN, Tehran; 1991

 6-A Retrospective look at The Soviet  Growth Model, The First Development and Planning  Seminar , The Technical University  of Sharif  Publication,1992

 7-Returns to Education in Iran, The Scietific and Research  Journal  of Azzahra University, Tehran, Iran,1995.(Presented in the Seminar in Beijing,China, 1995)

 8-The Participation of the Iranian Women  in the Economics Development  of Iran, The Foreign Policy Journal; The Foreign Relation University,Tehran Iran.1995,Tehran Iran.

 9-A model for Optional Participapation in the Process of the Sustainable Development, Presented in Women World 99,Tromso,Norway.June,1999.

10-Caital Flight in Iran (1985-1996), The Central Bank of Iran ,1998.

 11-The Coordination of Monatary Policy and Fiscal Policy and Non Inflationary Sustainable Development , Central Bank of Iran March , 1999.

 12-The Causality Analysis of the Link between  Higher Education and Economic Development in Iran. ISI , Istanbul ,1997.

 13- The Role of Higher Education on the Earning of of Employees (Public and Private) in ,Iran, The Research in Higher Education Journal,1999,Iran.

 14-The GDP Percafita Convergences in Iranian Prorinces, 1999, Pajoheshnameh  Bazargani, No,13,Tehran.

 15-The Surrey on ODA among Developing Countries(with application of Suit Index),2000. Economic Research and Palicies Journal No,8,2000.

 16-The Role of Sectonal growth on Womens Employment  in IRAN (An Input – Output Approach),2001, Tahghighat Eghtesadi  Journal , No Sq , 200.

 17- The Role of Macroeconomic Policies in the Efficiency of Foreign Debt,1998, the Journal of Humanity , No.q. 1994,

 18-The Gender Segmentation of Labor Market in Iran ,2001 ,
 Pajoohesh Zan ,No ,1, 2001, Tehran  University.

 19-Women ‘s Employment and family Welfar ,2002
Pajoohesh Zan ,No.2, 2002 , Tehran University.

20-The Dynamism of growth in Iran, WOCMES, Main Z, Germany,2002

21-The Role of sectoral growth on job creation for women ,IIOA, Montreal Canada,19 

22-Gender Inequality and Economic Development in Iran. The Journal of Tahghighat Eghtesadi ,2003 ,Tehran

23- The Impact of Information Technology on Women Status .The Journal of Tahghighat Eghtesadi ,2004,Tehran

24- An Input-Output Assessment of Employment , Growth and Efficiency in Iran,IER, 2004, Tehran

25- The Dynamism of Growth in Islamic Countries,IER, 2004, Tehran


Teaching Experience  

Advanced Macroeconomics(1), Graduate Course

Advanced Macroeconomics(2), Graduate Course

Advanced Macroeconomics(3), Graduate Course

Intermediate Macroeconomics(2), Under-Graduate Course

Development Economics, Graduate Course

Planning Economics(1), Graduate Course

Planning Economics(2), Graduate Course


1 - Deputy president , Azzahra university  from 1994-1995

2 - Educational Director  faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Azzahra University  from 1993-1995

3 - Director of Economics Department , Azzahra University  Scince 1998

Honors and Award   

Distinguished Prof.   2000

Distinguished Reasearcher,1995
Distinguished Reasearcher on Women Studies, 2002

Research Projects  

1-The Role of Women in the Process of Reconstruction of Iran , Azzahra  University , 1998

 2-Return to Education in Iran , Azzahra University,1993

3-The Role of Macroeconomics Policies in the Effectiveness of Foreign Debt.,The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance,1998.

 4- The Projection of  Women’s Labor Market Variables in Iran for the 2010 , the center for women’s participation , 1999

 5-The Gender Inequality and Economic Development in Iran . Azzahra University , 2001

6-The Role of Sectoral Growth on Women’s Employment in Iran , The Center for Women’s Participation,2000

7- A Survey on assessing the Job Creation Potentials in Iran, Azzahra University, 2002, Tehran


Interested Reasearch Area:  
Gender Economics

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