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Vice Chancellery for Research and Technology

Vice Chancellery for Research and Technology was established in 1367/1988. Planning for research projects in line with the University policies, establishing suitable grounds for those interested in conducting educational researches and evaluating annual research activities of the University are among the responsibilities of this section. The sub-units are as follow:

Research Affairs

Evaluating research proposals and reviewing them in the University Research Council is one the main responsibilities of this unit. Since 1368/1990, this bureau has succeeded at reviewing 315 research proposals; among which 55 have been approved in the University Research Council and nearly 70 others are under review.
Quarterly Journal of Human Sciences, Journal of Science, and Art Magazine are three academic journals prepared and printed by this unit.

University-Industry Relations

This office was established in 1378/1999 and works in two areas of apprenticeship and shared projects. With regard to apprenticeship, this office plays a coordinating role in making arrangements for required apprenticeship courses and announcing them to central office of University-Industry Relations (affiliated with Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology). With regard to shared projects, about 38 research proposals have so far been approved; eight of which have been completed.

Inter-University and International Relations

The bureau is located in Research Vice Chancellery and is in charge of establishing relations with other educational, research and cultural centers throughout the world. Membership of Alzahra University in Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) and International Federation of Universities (IAU) was coordinated by this office. So far, nine contracts of agreements have been signed for performing scientific, scholarly researches in cooperation with Russia, India, South Korea, Germany, France, England and Kyrgyzstan universities. Having obtained permission from the committee of membership of governments in the international organizations, the bureau commenced its collaboration with the Research Center of History, Culture and Islamic Art (IRCICA). Purchasing required data bases for the University and the Central Library, hosting honorable guests from foreign universities and international organizations are some of the significant efforts of this office for presenting Alzahra University as a high accredited educational center, exclusively for women. Moreover, the office has arranged contacts of agreement and multiple academic travels for faculty members to foreign countries for participating in international academic conferences and international seminars.

Publishing Services and Library

Alzahra University Central Library is one the sub-branches of Vice Chancellery for Research. It contains more than 86545 volumes of books; including 52044 volumes of Persian books, more than 34501 Latin books, more than 575 local and foreign journals, more than 2039 volumes of undergraduate and Master's degree theses. Alzahra University Central Library follows the classification schemes of American Library Congress (LC). It is also connected to Computer Center and World Wide Web. Alzahra University also has eight specialized libraries that are located in different faculties and Women Research Centre.


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