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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Faculty of Engineering & Technology was founded in 1373/ 1994 and commenced its job officially in 1374/ 1995 by admitting undergraduate students in fields of Industrial Engineering (Design and System Analysis branch). It continued its activities by admitting students in Computer Engineering (Software branch) in 1376/1997. Since 1381/2002 the faculty has been admitting master's degree students for fields of Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. In 1390/ 2011 two fields of Energy Systems and IT (Computer Network branch) were added to Masters' programs. Industrial Engineering courses at PhD level are about to be conducted from 1392/2013.
During the recent years, there have been attempts for providing suitable educational grounds through providing required educational aids and laboratory equipment. As a result of such efforts, the faculty has reached significant successes. The high rate of admission of its graduates at higher education programs, winning prizes in academic competitions and academic-research achievements are among such accomplishments.
The faculty has a specialized library containing more than 1300 volumes of Latin books, 3000 volumes of Persian books and 500 undergraduate theses and 70 master's degree theses. The study room located inside the library provides a suitable place for the students to study. The faculty's computer site, equipped with desktop computers and advanced software, can be used by 60 students simultaneously. It is also being used as a classroom for web-based instructions. The computer site of undergraduates is equipped with data bases and more than 200 pieces of software. The computer site of master's degree students is also equipped with desktop computers which can be used by students of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering. There is also a workshop complex which is mainly used for running practical courses, especially for Industrial Engineering students. This complex was renovated and well-equipped with modern laboratory equipment in 1389/2010. Workshops of metallurgy, machine ware, modeling, welding, industrial drafting, electronics are also conducted here. Throughout the recent years, the complex has been giving profitable services to institutes outside the University. Its hardware laboratories including computer-architecture labs, electronic circuits, logical circuits, microprocessors, operating systems, and data bases are also being used by Computer Engineering students.
The Conference room, equipped with audio-video pieces of equipment, has been used for running defense sessions, seminars, educational workshops and meetings since 1389/2010.


  • Offering technical and engineering fields to girls and helping them for obtaining suitable occupational positions

  • Developing technical and engineering fields at all levels for girls

  • Employing committed academic members for existing and new fields

  • Upgrading the virtual library and the faculty's website for meeting the educational and research needs of the students, staff, and academic members

  • Operationalizing the faculty's Model of Change

  • Presenting academic workshops and seminars

  • Co-operations in running virtual courses

  • Conducting at least one national specialized conference

Statistical Information

Fields of Study Undergraduate Masters PhD

Industrial Engineering : Industrial branch


Industrial Engineering :

Systems Planning and Analysis



Computer Engineering : Software


Computer Engineering :

Artificial Intelligence



IT Engineering



Energy Systems Engineering



Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Mehdi Seif Barghi

Phd in Industrial Engineering

Tel :(+9821)88041469
Fax :(+9821)88041469
E-mail :

Academic Staff


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