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Literature, and Foreign Languages Faculty


The Higher Educational Institute for Girls was founded in 1343/ 1964 and began its educational activities in two fields of English Translation, and Secretarial Studies. The faculty of Foreign Languages was founded in 1346/1967 and upon the completion of its new building. The main changes and achievements of this faculty are:
Establishment of new fields, including Theology (1365/ 1986), Persian Language and Literature (1365/ 1986), History (1370/ 1991) Arabic Language and Literature (1377/1998), Linguistics (1383/ 2004), Teaching Persian to non-Persian Speakers (1388/2009) and separating two faculties of Literature (1373/1994) and Theology (1381/2002) due to existing incongruences between these two fields.

Educational Departments

Persian Language and Literature (BA, MA and PhD)
• General Linguistics (MA and PhD)
• English Language and Literature (BA in English Literature, MA and PhD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
• Arabic Language and Literature (BA, MA and PhD)
• French Language (BA, MA)
• History ( BA in History, MA in three fields of History of Islam, History of Iran, History of Islam in North Africa, and PhD in four fields History of Ignorance and Early Islamic Era, History of Iran in Medieval Era, History of Contemporary Iran, History of Islamic Sects and Religions,
• Russian Language and Literature

Educational and Research Facilities

English laboratories, Computer sites for undergraduates, Master's degree students and academic members, Central library, History specialized library, Audio-visual site, and Multimedia center,

University outlook

• Pioneer in achieving elevated goals of Alzahra University
• An academic-cultural center with vast interactions, beyond those of a university
• Active in disseminating culture and language sciences at national, regional and international levels
• Opening new horizons to human language and beyond-language interactions


Faculty of Literature, Languages and History, as a unisexual higher education section, has long endeavored for educating educated, pious women and girls who are committed to Islamic principles and are guardians, followers, and messengers of Persian language and literature as well as experts on language sciences. This faculty attempts to excel at responding to the needs of the society by educating intellectual women, courageous mothers, and great wives. Such attempts are parallel with promoting global understandings of cultures through benefiting from sublime divine teachings.
Since we consider human resources as our main source, we try out best to take advantage of modern facilities to offer educational, research, technological and counseling services to academic societies, higher education applicants, and social and cultural organizations at national, regional, and international levels.

Strategic goals:

• Establishing suitable grounds for creative, dynamic learnings
• Facilitating the relations between theoretical and applied sciences
• Attempting for enhancing educational qualities through adopting creative approaches
• Enhancing the potentials of fields of human sciences and their relations with other cultural, social, and policy-related domains
• Expanding the domains of activities through attracting Iranian and non-Iranian students and enhancing the qualities of education
• Enhancing the relations with social and cultural organizations at national, regional, and international levels

Statistical Information

Fields of Study Undergraduate Masters PhD

Persian Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

English  Language and Literature



Teaching English as Foreign Language ((TEFL


French Language 


Russian  Language








History of Islamic Iran


History of Islam


Teaching Persian Language to  Non-natives


Daen of faculty

Dr. Sue-Ssan GhahranGhajar

Phd in Literacy and Second Language Teaching

Tel : (+9821)88048038
Fax : (+9821)88041461
E-mail :

Academic Staff


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