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Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology

The field of Psychology was among the first fields established at Alzahra University in 1343/ 1964 which was later expanded into three branches of Counselling and Advising, Psychology of Exceptional Children and Industrial Psychology. After the Cultural Revolution, this department was embedded in the faculty of Literature, Theology and Human sciences and was part of this faculty until 1372/1993, along with other departments including Librarianship and Social Sciences. After that the faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences continued its activities independently. Currently, this faculty contains five departments at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, including:

  • Psychology,

  • Educational Psychology

  • Knowledge and Information Science

  • Educational Management

  • Counselling and Advising

Psychology Department

Currently, this department admits university students in fields of Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Exceptional Children (undergraduate level) and General Psychology (graduate and doctoral levels). The graduates are capable of preliminary diagnosis and pathology of mental disorders and can cooperate in task forces as facilitators or references.
The graduates of Exceptional Children are capable of diagnosing, recovering and training exceptional children and can refer them to experts in charge. The graduates of Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Exceptional Children can be employed by schools, private sectors aimed at training the handicapped, centers for correction and rehabilitation, prisons, State Welfare Organization, public and mental hospitals, centers for taking care of patients with physical, mental or developmental conditions, rehabilitation centers, juvenile detention centers, etc . Master's degree and PhD graduates are expected to be engaged in researches and work for solving social problems and enhancing related branches of knowledge and be ready to transfer them to others.

Educational Psychology Department

Educational Psychology department commenced its activities in 1369/ 1990 as one of the divisions of Educational Sciences through admitting Master's degree students. Since 1382/ 2003 it has continued its activities independently upon the division of Educational Psychology department into three separate departments. This field is engaged with the following issues:
Recognizing the process of teaching, analyzing and facilitating learning; recognizing the process of learning and suggesting strategies for its enhancement; recognizing learners' features; their power of analysis, problem-solving and creativity; understanding and discovering the relations between teaching objectives and teaching methods and learners' differences; methods and tools of assessing learning and preparing or making tools for mental-educational assessments. The graduates' capabilities in searching, researching and analyses can provide them with the opportunity of being employed by universities and educational centers as teachers and researchers.

Knowledge and Information Science Department

The rapid development of human societies and increase in data production and emergence of new tools necessitate the presence of educated individuals who are capable of conducting research and data dissemination. Knowledge and Information Science department commenced its activities in 1356/ 1977 through admitting Master's degree students. After the Cultural Revolution, it resumed its activities in 1360/1981 at college level and since 1371/ 1992 it has been running undergraduate courses. Currently, the department is running its first Master's degree program. The graduates become well trained at planning and managing libraries and information centers; conducting technical affairs and specialized services at libraries and information centers; updating facilities and services of these centers and conducting knowledge and information- related research projects.

Counseling and Advising department

The complexity of social conditions occurred as a result of dramatic social, scientific, economic and cultural changes has led to various educational, occupational, emotional and mental problems; which highlight the significant role of counselors and advisors.
Counseling and Advising department commenced its activities as one of the divisions of Educational Sciences and through its admission of Master's degree students. It has continued its independent educational activities since 1382/ 2003 and has kept admitting students since then. The graduates working as counselors can aid their clients through making them reconsider the issues and complex problems or refer them to other advisors and experts.
These students can work as researchers, university instructors, school counselors, employment counselors, family counselors, rehabilitation counselors and offer specialized services to clients at schools and offices.

Planning and Management Department

Planning and Management Department began its activities in 1366/ 1987 as one of the branches of Educational Sciences. Since 1382/ 2003 it has continued its activities separately through admitting students for Educational Planning and Management (undergraduate level) and Educational Management, History and Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Planning (Masters). The education of Educational Planning and Management students involves: familiarity with Islamic management in general and educational management in particular; familiarity with different educational management theories; familiarity with education and training goals; familiarity with practical approaches in education and training of offices' organizations; organizations and budget planning; familiarity with curriculum planning; establishing relations with teachers and trainers; gaining the ability of recognizing educational issues and problems; familiarity with general principles of education and training with regard to educational management.
The field of History and Philosophy of Education follows the following goals:
Familiarity with educational theories; schools of philosophy and Islamic philosophy of education; recognizing the principles of educational planning and training teachers for various educational levels; creating research capabilities in social, and historical domains as well as interpretation and utilization of educational theories and Islamic philosophy; preparing students for higher education… .


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• Educational technology center
• Study room for doctoral students
• Conference room (Dr. Seif Conference room)
• Computer class
• Alzahra University Counseling and Guidance Center

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Dean of Faculty

Dr. Saeid  Rezaei SahrifAbadi
PhD Information Science and Knowledge
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