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Physical Education Faculty

With the foundation of Higher Education Institute for Girls in 1343/ 1964, physical education units were gradually offered too. Such courses were further expanded upon the construction of physical education building in 1344/1965, sports gym in 1347/1968, and swimming pool in 1348/1969. Having obtained required approvals, the faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences was founded in 1373/ 1994 with three fields of Free, Teacher Training and the Handicapped sport. The first entrants (56 in number) were divided into two fields of Free and Teacher Training and commenced their studies in 1374/1995. Since 1376/1996, the faculty has admitted students for the field of the Handicapped sport and until 1384/ 2005 it was the only faculty offering this branch.
In 1382/2003, the first Master's degree program in Exercise Physiology was established and has then continued its activities in three fields of Exercise Physiology (Applied and Pure branches ), Motor behavior ( Motor learning and Control branches), Sport Management (Organizational Management and Facility Management).

The main strengths of the university

• Unisexuality of the university
• Special academic attention to women sports and attempts for fulfilling the goals of public sport
• Establishing the grounds for women championship at national and international levels
• Achieving high-ranking sport-related managerial positions in the country
• Editing and translating sports books by academic members
• Publishing various research papers in local and foreign journals
• Active participation of academic members in national and international conferences
• Taking advantage of experts for transferring advanced countries' experiences
• Adapting sports education with international rules and regulations along with observing Islamic principles
• Women membership in national and international societies, councils, and congresses
• Cooperation with the University Physical Education Center for sending students to local and foreign competitions
• Reaching international status in international societies
• Expanding the domains of education and research
• Establishing fairly suitable atmospheres for making women aware of and interested in sports activities
• Cooperation with Physical Education Central bureau for sending university students to national and international competitions

Statistical Information

Fields of Study Undergraduate Masters PhD

Physical Education and Sports Sciences


Sport Management


Motor Behavior


Dean of faculty

Dr. Masoume Shojaei
Phd in Motor Learning & Development
Tel : 88041468
Fax : 88041468
E-mail : m.shojae@alzahra.ac.ir

Academic Staff


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