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Theology Faculty

The faculty of Theology, Literature and Human Sciences was founded in 1365/ 1986 with eight departments of Theology, Persian Literature, French Language, English Language, Psychology, Educational Sciences, and Library studies. In 1372/ 1993, the departments of Educational Sciences and Psychology were separated from this faculty and in 1378/1999 and upon the request of Alzahra University from Ministry of Education, the Theology faculty commenced its job with five fields of Islamic Logic and Philosophy, Religions and Spiritualism, Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, History and Civilization of Islamic Nations at undergraduate levels.
In 1380/2001 and after separation of Theology and Literature faculties, Theology faculty continued its independent activities with five educational departments. It began admitting students in Quranic Sciences and Hadith (in 1382/2003), and Islamic Jurisprudence and Law (in 1383/2004),
Through providing audio-visual aids, a computer site, and a library containing more than 8500 volumes of books, periodicals and journals. The faculty works for promoting educational services both qualitatively and quantitatively. Definitely, the efforts of the staff and academic members are our asset.
Currently, this faculty has departments of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, Religions and Spiritualism, Islamic Logic and Philosophy, Quranic Sciences and Hadith, History and Civilization of Islamic Nations, and Islamic Teachings at undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels.

Statistical Information

Fields of Study Undergraduate Masters PhD

Science of Quran and Hadith


Islamic Philosophy  and Theology


Jurisprudence and Islamic Law


Religions and Mysticism


The History and Culture of Islamic Civilization


Dean of Faculty

Dr.  Zohre Tavazoyani
PhD in Islamic Philosophy
Tel : (+9821)88048038
Fax : (+9821)88041461
E-mail :

Academic Staff


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