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Faculty of Physics and Chemistry
Faculty of Basic Sciences officially was founded with four Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics in 1977. However, due to the expansion of each department, the faculty of Basic Sciences was divided into three independent faculties in 2014, including the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry. Now with more than twenty study programs at different undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels and assiduous academic staff members publishing world-class articles, the Physics and Chemistry Faculty is one of the best among similar faculties nationwide.


• Physics Department
• Chemistry Department


• Chemistry educational and research laboratories including Organic Chemistry, Separation Process, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Mineral Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Industrial Labs
• Physics educational laboratories including Modern Physics, Electronics, Optic, Complex Systems, and Nuclear labs
• Physics research laboratories including Complex Systems, Superconductivity, Carbon, Physics of Surface and Interfaces, Photonics.
• Workshops
• Conference Room with multimedia equipment
• Classrooms equipped with hi-tech technology
• Computer Site
• Digital and Traditional Library
• Large study room for graduate students


• The Journal of Applied Physics
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