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International Outlook
International Membership

1. International Association of Universities

Since 2001, Alzahra University has been a member of International Association of Universities (IAU); the most accredited UNESCO-based association of higher education. It aims at directing and coordinating higher education institutes in different countries, expanding facilities, enhancing the causes of higher education, and taking full advantage of software services in higher education across the world. For more information about IAU, please refer to its website:

2. Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World

Affiliated with Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) plays an influential role in deepening Islamic countries' relations and propagating scientific-research collaboration among the member universities. This issue is also considered one of the main guidelines of Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Cooperation among various Islamic countries is organized by FUIW and directed according to various scientific fields of study. Alzahra University has been an active member of FUIW since 2000 and truly represents one of the main universities of the world in Muslim women higher education. For more information about FUIW, please visit its website:

3. Caucasus University Association (KÜNİB)

Caucasus University Association (KÜNİB), founded in 2009, comprises 55 universities of Caucasus and neighboring countries. University of Ardahan located in Turkey is the secretariat of this association. Alzahra University’s membership in KÜNİB was granted in 2015 and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed for collaborative work within the Mevlana Exchange Program. For more information, please refer to KÜNİB website:

4. Asian Pacific University Association

Asian Pacific University Association (AUAP) is of the most developed international communities of UNESCO comprising higher education academic institutions. The foundations of AUAP were laid by representatives of universities of Asia and Pacific region gathered in conference of Suranaree University of Technology in July 1995, headed by Chancellor of Suranaree University. Alzahra University's membership in AUAP was granted in 2017. For more information, please visit AUAP website: http://www.eauap.
Further activities of International Academic Collaborations Office include:
Exchanging Alzahra University academic staff members with those of foreign universities like Lebanon, Japan, etc.
Executing plans related to International Research Programs; International Collaboration in Educational Development (ICED), International Collaboration in Applied Research Developments (ICARD), and International Collaboration in Research Programs (ICRP).
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