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Kufa University Professor Visits Alzahra University
Posted on2018/05/29
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Dr. Ali Naji Attiyah visited Alzahra university on Tuesday May 8th and on his arrival met with Dr. Hanachi, head of Alzahra University’s International Academic Collaboratoi office, Dr. Nikmanesh head of the university’s graduate studies and Dr. Bagherinejad, dean of the faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Attiyah is professor of civil engineering at Kufa University who played an important role in the construction of Imam Ali (as)’s shrine in Najaf. The two universities had signed an agreement of cooperation in 2013 and this meeting was held as a follow up to further negotiate the execution of the agreement between the two parties.

In this meeting Dr. Ali Naji stressed that the Engineering department at Kufa University was established in 1993 and offers courses in electrical, mechanical, material and civil engineering.

Dr. Nikmanesh, Alzahra University’s head of graduate studies expressed interest in supporting the faculty members of the two universities to hold engineering courses.

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