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Chemistry Departments of Alzahra University – Duzce University collaboration Program:
Posted on2018/09/12
Time 14:48

1.       Dr. Sh. Granmayeh

 Assistant Professor of Nanochemistry

The brave world of nanoporous metal organic framework (MOFs)

 2.       Dr. O. Moradlou

Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Energy resources in 21st century : solar energy


3.       Dr. M. Mohammadnejad

Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Applications of ion mobility spectroscopy in determination of water pollutant

4.       Dr. k. Nikoofar

Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

Synthesis of novel nanostructures and investigation of their catalytic activity in heterocyclic reactions in green media 

Date:12-14 September 2018

Place: Chemistry Department– Duzce University- Turkey


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