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Alzahra University hosted International Peace Festival
Posted on2017/05/18
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The Inventors Scientific Association of Social and Cultural Vice-chancellery of Alzahra University held International Peace Festival in the center of international conferences in May 17-18, 2017. The approaches to this festival were “meeting 17 principles of UNESCO Sustainable Development” and “World Peace; reality or illusion?!”
In the course of the festival, Dr. Karimi –Social and cultural Deputy of Alzahra University- welcomed the audience and stated that the message of all religions is peace and respect for humanity. Although various symbols of peace could be seen in religions, she added, they all follow to achieve the common goal of welfare and peace.
Afterwards, Dr. Hanachi –Director of International Academic Collaborations Office of Alzahra University -gave a speech and stated that we seek domestic security through peace and international relations. There are varied reasons, she added, threatening peace which are turning to be more complex by time leading to new events. In this regard, weapons need to be replaced by knowledge and information and in this way human beings move toward guidance.
The next speech was given by Dr. Qashqavi -Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Expatriates Affairs. When public opinions are influenced by false propaganda of the West, he asserted, the truth is to be distorted and concealed. Presently, the biggest weapon manufacturers are defending human rights. Nowadays, he said, United States has the newest and most dangerous methods of weapon production and use at its disposal’ however, it considers itself as defending human rights more than any other country and believes selling weapons provides security for countries.
Deputy of Supreme Council of Afghanistan Peace, Dr. Sarabi, participated in this conference through video-conferencing and lectured about United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women’s right and issues such as women's participation in decision-making and implementation of social services, security and the restoration of peace, women's access to more effective, active and responsible justice system,; women protection against all forms of violence and discrimination, an end to impunity for violence against women, and finally the growth of women’s access to education and higher education.
Former Ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Majidi, participated in this conference and he was fascinated with the number of students of this women-only university concerned with peace and human rights.
On the second day, Michael Neglar gave his speech on “World Peace; reality or illusion?” through video conference. Furthermore, Dr. Manavi –a proficient doctor and peace activist- lectured about peace and health. Besides, and exhibition of handicrafts of Iran and other present countries was held. 
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