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About Alzahra University

About Alzahra University 

Alzahra University as one of the leading comprehensive universities of Islamic Republic of Iran was founded exclusively for women’s education. The university, founded in 1964, began as an institution under the title of the Higher Educational School for Girls with 90 students. In 1976-7, the Higher Educational School for Girls developed into a state-run university with four faculties of Basic Sciences, Literature and Humanities, Management, and Economics. After the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, it was renamed "Alzahra" University after Fatimah Zahra, the daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam –Mohammad (PBUH). 
Presently, Alzahra University offers 51 undergraduate, 114 graduate programs to nearly 10.000 students. The University comprises two Campuses, a Technology Incubation Center, three Study Centers, an Art Gallery, and an Educational Center. Its main campus is located in the very heart of Tehran, and the second one is located in Urmia. In addition to its colleges and research centers, Alzahra University provides students and members with laboratories, sites and professional workshops, theaters, swimming pool, restaurants, gyms, banks, post office and kindergarten within an area of 14 hectares. Located in the very heart of the vibrant capital of Iran –Tehran—students of Alzahra University enjoy easy access to other major universities, libraries, museums, shopping centers, parks, and food courts. 
Being ranked as one of the top 1% universities worldwide, Alzahra University enjoys an academic reputation for publishing frequently-cited academic papers. Two scientific papers published by Physics and Chemistry Faculty and Technical Engineering Faculty have been rated Hot Paper and Highly Cited Paper. In addition, the University ranks seventh in H-index in the humanities.
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