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Vision and Mission of Alzahra University


Alzahra University ranks first among the comprehensive universities exclusively for women worldwide by 2026. It is a model for educated Muslim women committed to Islamic values. It enjoys a vibrant and lively environment, as well as an inspirational, influential and leading status in the region. The University is one of the first choices of Iranian girls intending to further their learning and enhance their research abilities and practical skills, and is recognized as an academic center for studies on women and family issues.


Alzahra University is representative of women's higher education in the country and is the most highly accredited comprehensive university exclusively for women at national, regional, and international levels. This university aspires to develop innovative scientific theories and fulfill the educational and research needs of the Islamic society, particularly women. It doing so, it would derive benefit from Islamic teachings and doctrines, the thoughts of the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and the guidelines and recommendations of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the knowledge and expertise of professors and intellectuals. 
Alzahra University, through educating committed, devoted, and pious women is a true representative of able and influential Muslim women in the Middle East and the world. Also, through effective interactions with intellectual women in the world, particularly Muslim women, it attempts to elevate the status and dignity of women based on noble Islamic doctrines.
Through collaborating with other organizations and academic and administrative centers, Alzahra University aims at paving the way for the presence of elite women in such places. As an academic pioneer in particular fields, Alzahra University contributes effectively to the cultural, social, and economic life of the country by educating capable and professional women.
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