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Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Along with the foundation of Alzahra University in 1965, named the Higher Educational School for Girls, Department of psychology commenced its educational programs in the fields of Counseling and Advising, Psychology of Exceptional Children, and Industrial Psychology. After the Cultural Revolution in Iran, it kept running its programs as a dependent department in the Faculty of Literature, Theology, and Humanities. In 1993, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology was founded and began offering programs as an independent unit.


    Educational Psychology
    Knowledge and Information Science
    Educational Management
    Counseling and Advising


    Alzahra University Counseling and Advising Center
    Library and Computer Site
    Psychology Laboratory
    Book workshop (Knowledge and Information Science Department)
    Educational Technology Center
    Study Room for PhD candidates
    Conference Hall
    Computer Site


    Quarterly Journal of New Thoughts on Education
    Quarterly Journal of Psychological Studies
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