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Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
In 1976, Mathematics Teacher Training program in Alzahra University was first offered by the Faculty of Basic Sciences, Department of Mathematics. After the Islamic Revolution, this field of study was divided into Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Department further offered Master’s and PhD programs in 2000 and 2002, respectively, as well as Statistics and Computer Sciences programs. Due to the expansion of offered programs and its significant development, the department of Mathematics separated from the Faculty of Basic Sciences in 2014 and continued its activities independently under the name of Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.
The Faculty research priorities are
Functional Analysis and its application, Numerical Analysis, Statistical Inference, Optimization, Graph Theory and its application, Detailed Functions, Algebra Displacement, Sampling error and statistical inference, Dynamical systems, Random processes, Partial differential equations, Ordinary differential equations ,Group theory , Geometry of Manifolds, Computational geometry.


   Computer Sciences


   Classrooms equipped with hi-tech technology
   Computer Site
   Digital and Traditional Library
   A large study room for postgraduate and Ph.D. students
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