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Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Theology was founded in 1984 as a subdivision of the Faculty of Humanities. Faculty of Theology has continued its educational activities as an independent faculty since 2002 with six academic departments. Today, the Faculty hosts 33 academic staff and many undergraduate and graduate students doing a qualified hard job in research and studies; a part of which is reflected in the journal of the Faculty named Studies in Qur’anic Sciences and Hadith.


    Qur'anic Sciences and Hadith
    Islamic Philosophy and Theology
    Principles of Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Islamic Laws
    The History of Culture and Civilization of Islamic Nations
    Religions and Theosophy
    Islamic Teachings


    Multimedia equipment
    Computer Site
    Defense Hall


    Journal of Qur’anic Sciences and Hadith
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