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Faculty of Arts
Who knows art better than women?! When it comes to fashion and design, women and girls would definitely stand out. Iranian women have traditionally been artists in their homes, most of the infamous Persian carpets are woven by young girls and women. People and tourists visit handicraft shops throughout Iran to get a glimpse of the art of hard working women who have delicately created pieces of valuable art with their hands. We would all agree that although men are also great artists, what would the art world be without the presence of a woman’s touch?
In 1965 the first art subject offered to the Higher Educational School for Girls was Fashion Design, which laid the foundations for the creation of the Faculty of Arts. Year after year with the high potential of girls in this field other courses such as textile recognition, dyeing, cloth-weaving, tailoring, handicrafts, decorative arts, drawing, painting and textile printing were offered under the department of Home Economics. When the Faculty of Arts was finally established internal design, drawing and tailoring were also added.
Now the faculty of arts includes 7 departments:
• Graphics Design (Visual Communication)
• Handicrafts
• Textile and Fashion Design
• Industrial Design
• Painting
• Art Research
• Book Illustration and Miniature
The Faculty of Arts’ students also enjoy many facilities to help them in their journey to become better artists, these facilities include:
• Specialized studios for Industrial Design, Handicrafts, Textile Design, and Fashion Design
• Dyeing Specialized Laboratory
• Photography Lab
• Art Gallery
• Conference Hall
• Library
• Computer Site
Do you think you have what it takes to become an artist? Do you like working with your hands? Do you have a good eye for photography? Were you always encouraged to draw and paint at home? Do you get excited when you find out, your work of art is being used by other people?
Then come join our artists at Alzahra University and make the world a more beautiful place by including your fingerprint in our world of art.

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