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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is relatively young compared to when the university was established. This faculty started admitting female students in 1995 by offering the industrial engineering program. When a surge was seen in the

number of women interested in engineering studies the fields of IT, Electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering were also offered. Although young the graduates from the engineering programs received a high admission rate to graduate programs and have won prizes in academic competitions. The faculty is equipped with all the facilities needed in making the study journey of students more effective and fruitful. Some of these facilities include:
  • Specialized library
  • Study room
  • Computer site
  • Workshop complex (for practical courses of Metallurgy, Machineware, Modeling, Welding, Industrial Drafting, and Electronics)
  • Hardware laboratories including Computer Architecture, Electronic Circuits, Logical Circuits, Microprocessors, Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Conference room
  • Civil Engineering laboratory
  • Mechanical Engineering laboratory
  • Electronic Engineering laboratory

You may view the study programs in the table below:


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