Saturday, June 22, 2024
Why Study at Alzahra?

If you are a woman and you are wondering whether you should come and study at Alzahra University, stop wondering and apply to be part of a wonderful group of energetic, bright, smart, ambitious and committed girls who have made Alzahra their home.

Studying abroad could be challenging for young students because of being away from family; having to learn and speak a new language; and making new friends and studying in a higher education institute. Families will be concerned for the safety and wellbeing of their children in a foreign country. Alzahra University has a history of making it easy to cope with these challenges. The university is located in Tehran, the vibrant capital of Iran, an Islamic country which prides itself in respecting women. The university is established for girls who strive to study in a different environment. There are many mixed universities in Tehran, but this university which hosts only girls, creates a safer environment for international students living away from home.

To overcome the challenge of a new language, you are invited to attend special courses at the university International Center for learning Persian. Apart from teaching the language, the center will also make the foreign applicants familiar with the Iranian Islamic culture and help them fit in more comfortably with the friendly Iranian community.

Alzahra University is the only all women university in Iran which is ranked in the top 40 universities of the country. Foreign students of all backgrounds and interests will find a subject they are fond of to study.

On your stay at Alzahra University, you will make lifelong friends with Iranian students and scholars, and you will have a good chance for finding studious friends from nine other countries so far.

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