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Campus Life

Campus Life

Alzahra University offers all levels of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs to international students. Today around 50 international female students are studying at Alzahra form countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Tanzania, Tajikistan and Nigeria.
Our university provides a very convenient campus life to students in an extremely friendly environment. Fruitful study programs and convenient living situation are what our university present to students as we believe that comfort in life plays a key role in academic achievement of students. We offer facilities like dormitory, catering, welfare, social services, students’ organizations along with advanced educational facilities.


     Electronic libraries
    General and specialized libraries
Our central and faculty libraries possess more than 77,000 hard copies of books from which over 33,025 are in English, and over 930 Persian and English academic journals are available.
    Professional laboratories
    Language labs
    Computer labs and free Wi-Fi access
    Student clubs
    Counseling services
    Participation in sports competitions, membership in socio-cultural gatherings, and productive, entertaining, and cultivating student events.
    Center of International Conferences
Being one of the most advanced conference halls in Iran in terms of design and multimedia equipment, it has a seating capacity of 624 in the main hall and 94 in the sub-hall. There are places for exhibition stands and three meeting rooms with seating capacities of 84, 65 and 55.

    Dr. Tourani Conference Hall
The hall is equipped with audiovisual facilities and a seating capacity of 250. It is also equipped with a place for holding exhibitions.

    Mosallanejad Gallery
    Swimming pool and sports complex
    Food centers with subsidized prices
    Termeh traditional restaurant
Termeh traditional restaurant is one of the oldest possessions of Alzahra University with eye-catching environment and delicious traditional Iranian foods.

    Post office
    Travel agency office
    Wagon Café
The café is placed in a very big old wagon transferred to this non-railway area a very long time ago. This café serves drinks and fast foods in an unforgettable friendly environment.

Social Services

    Cell Phone and Mobile Device Services Office
    Grocery store
    Stationery /bookstore
    Print & Copy Bureau
    Laundry Services

Other Advantages

    Offering Persian (Farsi) language courses at Alzahra Center of Teaching Persian Language to non-Persian Speakers (AZFA)
    Offering some courses in English on demand
    On-campus dormitory
    Benefitting from all facilities of the university and dormitory
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